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Please call store for all rental needs. This is an informational page only.

All rentals are to be pre-booked with a working credit card.


Helium Tank Rentals

***(do to the massive helium shortage,

we will not be renting our helium tanks as of April 25, 2019

until further notice.)

Call us to discuss long term helium tank rentals or purchases

extra small (HE20) - n/a (fills up to 50 11" latex balloons)

small (HE50) - n/a (fills up to 100 11" latex balloons)

medium (HE70) - n/a (fills up to 150 11" latex balloons)

large (HE125) - n/a (fills up to 220-11" latex balloons) 

xlarge (HE200) - n/a  (fills up to 440 11" latex balloons)

xxlarge (HE330) - n/a (fills up to 600 11" latex)

***(tank rentals include nozzle, except for long term rentals)

(prices subject to change)  

Frame with sheer curtains rental $30.00 plus taxes
Comes with 2 sheer white curtains and 6ft tall x 6.25ft wide frame



  Disco Ball Rental
 (available in 16")


 Disco Ball Kit Rental
(includes: 8" ball, motor &
pinspot with 4 coloured lenses) 

 Chocolate Fountain Rental
 (does not include chocolate, the base is red)