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Oscar Awards Night Party

2017-02-23 at 18:35 pm

How to throw a fabulous Oscar Theme Party

Gather your friends and family, its time to roll out the red carpet and celebrate the Oscars like the stars.

1) Should we do a costume party?

Begin by deciding if you want this to be a costume party. You can have your guests dress up as their favorite star. Keep in mind that this may be a little costly and intimidating for your guests. Some may decide not to come because of the cost of costumes. Let them know that they don’t have to go all out and to have fun going thru their own closets to find a hidden treasure that will work. You will be amazed to how many people have costumes they have forgotten about that they have thrown in the back of their closets.

For women, it can be as simple as a black dress with a strand of pearls or accessorizing with some major bling bling. For the men, black slacks, shirt, suspenders and tie.

2) Menu

Decide if you want this to be a potluck style dinner or if you want to take on the task and take care of the dinner yourself and set out some of your favorite appy’s, cocktails and desserts. I find that most people love bringing a dish, especially with a theme. This gives them an opportunity to be creative and show off their culinary talents. Finish off your table setting with matching tableware. 

3) Guest List

Time to create your guest list and send out your invites or simplify this by sending an e-vite. This is a great time to invite friends or family members you haven’t seen in a while and would like to catch up.

4) Décor

Walk thru your room or venue to get a first hand look to what you can envision. This doesn’t have to be daunting. You don’t have to cover every wall or inch of your venue (unless you have the money to do so). Visit our website for some great décor ideas. From cutout foil stars in different sizes, VIP backdropsred carpetsphoto backdropsphoto propsaward nights cutoutcustomizable banner, mini awards favors, balloons and so much more.

A MUST HAVE: Red Carpet!! Don’t forget to impress your guests as soon as they come out of their car, by placing a red carpet leading to your door. Have them walk the red carpet dressed in their finest. If you want to create an award night atmosphere, have a couple of friends with camera’s, microphone and interview their guests as they step onto the red carpet. This will have everyone talking and laughing right from the start.

5) …and the winner is?

Watch the Oscars live and have fun with your guests by guessing who the winners will be. You can create your own game or pre-print from the web award predictions. Make sure to have an award statuette for the winner.

6) Swag bags

Who doesn’t love receiving a swag bag or a favor bag? Pending on your budget, you can give each guest or couple a swag bag filled with goodies. Such as chocolate, perfume samples, popcorn, candy, mini alcohol bottles, lotto ticket and so on.

7) Take out boxes

At the end of the night, typically there is so much food left over. And you know that most will be thrown out by the end of the week. So have take out boxes ready and have your guests fill up their boxes with the food that they too can enjoy throughout the next few days.

8) Tear down

Make sure to have some large plastic bins or boxes ready to go. Take down your décor and place them in the bins. This way, next year you are ready to go. Most of the décor you can reuse for many years as long as you take good care of it. Each year, you can update some of the décor and not spend so much money re purchasing everything.

These points are very useful for any size party or event. Most important is to start within your means. I hear daily from my clients how they hate planning a party because of the party they just attended was over the top and feel like they can’t measure up. Well guess what? You don’t have to measure up or try to up them. Just do what you can. This will ease the financial, physical and mental stress that a party can create for you. Have fun creating, putting this together. Start small and each time build up from there. Let intimidation roll off your shoulders and Have Fun!!!


By Silvia